Trysull Tigers Party Day – End of Season 2015/16




Our son Finley is football mad, obsessed you may say, he loves it. Back in September 2014 I made a call to Mark Nicholls who ran the under 7’s team at Trysull Tigers, we had heard great things about this club and wanted Finley to start to train with a proper team. Fast forward to January 2015 and Mark was looking for people to help out with training, setting up goals etc etc, and I put myself forward and started helping out on a Saturday morning and have to say love it more than anything. Around about May 2015 Finley had trained on and finally broke into the team, Lauren and myself were unbelievable proud.

Going into the new season in September 2015 Finn and his team mates were getting ready for a thier weekends to be filled with football, football and a bit more football and Finley couldn’t of been happier. This season has had its up and downs but the boys have jelled incredibly well, but more than that so have the parents. Its a weird thing you’re thrown together with a bunch of strangers and sometimes the only thing you have in common is your children but before too long you begin to build relationships of your own and realise just how much you share with the people around you.

This brings me to last Sunday, one of our boys is leaving us for the dizzy heights of Wolverhampton Wanderers and its fair to say were going to miss having him around. Not only is he a superb player but he is an absolute pleasure to coach, he is polite and mature and a true credit to his Mom and Dad. Young Alfie Mitchell may be wearing the Old Gold next season and hopefully for many years to come but he will always be a Tiger!

And so the rest of the boys start their journey next year with Finley in goal, Dylan Patel and Dec Rangla solid at the back. The combative midfielders Luke Nicholls & Dylan Cleaver, mixed with the flare and creativity of Adam Payton & George Bateman. Topped off with the all important goal scorers Ben Ryan, Ben O’Donnell and Bobby Hughes. These are our boys! Together they are going to be making the step up to 7 a side and they’re going to be doing it properly. Playing football how it should be played, passing the ball, working hard and most importantly enjoying it and having fun, and all that comes from the top.

“The Gaffa” Mark Nicholls has worked endlessly with these boys for the last two years and will continue to do so. He teaches them how football should be played, to respect each other and the opposition and much more than that he is helping to make these young tiger cubs grow into young men! The world of mini soccer and grass roots football is a better place because of people like Mark and the dozens of parents and coaches that give up there time every weekend to guide and teach these kids.

All this wouldn’t be possible without the help of the friends and families that not only turned out on Sunday but have done all season, we can’t wait to see you at Trysull Park next year cheering on our boys to another fantastic year! Trysull Tigers celebrated 25 years recently and you can see why from the top to the bottom this club installs great family values and footballing philosophies that these kids and parents will remember for years to come, I know Lauren, myself and our boys are incredibly proud to be part of our club and can’t wait for next season…. COME ON YOU TIGERS.

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