Eleanor & Thomas Hudson – Newborn Twin Photography

Let me introduce you to the gorgeous Eleanor & Thomas Hudson, they’re a little bit bigger than this now but back in February their mom and dad brought them over to the FoneBox for their first official photographs. Lee & Vicky (mom & dad) are old friends and former wedding clients so it was a real treat to be able to capture this incredibly special time for them. It was all hands to the pump when during the 3 hour long shoot with plenty of nappy changes and Vicky continuing her endless feeding of the twins but in the end we got the shots we wanted and everyone including Aunty Jo who stepped in to lighten the load was delighted with the results.

Newborn Photography session slots are available, I recommend photographing the little one within the first 14days, they are usually quite sleepy and much easier to move around and pose. Shoots are just £99 and include the fully edited high resolution printable files, all ready for you to print and unlimited amount of times. Other printed products and services are available upon request.

Even if you new arrival is delaying making an appearance you can still book your session ready for when they’re here, sessions can be taken in your home but generally its easier to shoot it at the FoneBox. So why not give us a call on 01902 271140 to arrange your newborn photography session now.

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