#BNIWedding – Wedding Mafia BNI Focus Day

BNIWedding 1

Many of you will know I’m part of this crazy cult thingy called BNI (its not really a cult… well we don’t wear robes). Ive been apart of BNI Villiers for almost 5 years, we meet once a week at the Novotel in Wolverhampton and over the years the group has seen its fair amount of people come and go. A little over 14 months ago the group was really struggling and to be honest was at the point where it was going to be closed. We were down to 12 members and there wasn’t much business been passed.Well yesterdays meeting shows just how far BNI Villiers has come in the last 14 months and thats down to the amazing people in that room.

Within each BNI group there are smaller groups of businesses that work well together, have a similar client base but aren’t in direct conflict with what each other does. Im part of the affectionately named WEDDING MAFIA, this obviously includes all wedding & event related businesses. The wedding mafia met recently and decided we  were going to organise a Wedding Mafia Focus Day, this basically means the BNI meeting that week would be focused on the Wedding Team. Well we went for it, we decided that it wasn’t just going to be a simple 10 minute slot but that we were going to run the whole meeting like a wedding from start to finish and so the BNI Wedding was born. We primed our fellow members with an invitation, created by the incredibly talented Chris Ryder of Witty Pics and asked them to invite wedding related business along to the meeting on the 3rd March. The week before the visitors started to be confirmed and by Wednesday we had 24 Confirmed visitors for the meeting! Inevitably you always get a couple of no shows but in the end we had almost 60 local businesses represented at the #BNIWedding.

The meeting itself was amazing, we had Craig Petty from Slightly Unusual performing close up magic and Chris Ryder drawing guests caricatures as they networked with each other. Everyone was welcomed in and escorted through the door by the always vigilant Owtar Sangha from Dynamic Security Services and the meeting began. During the meeting Craig Petty gave an incredible Education Slot on why a power team is so useful and why people should be meeting with thier power teams on a regular basis, and then it was 10 minute presentation time. The Best Man (Andy Grove from Brookside Plumbing Services) composed and read a beautiful speech about each of the members of the power team and of course the bride and groom Robert & Roxy.  The presentation began with Maria Tucker from Gate 11 Event Planning giving the introductions and the quickest illusion from Craig you have ever seen. Then came the cutting of the cake lovingly prepared by Purmilla Bhatti from The Cake Maker, lets be honest its never to early for cake! The first dance followed all prepared by the super talented Faye O’Connor of From This Dance Forward and performed by Chirs Ryder and her dance partner Mike Dickerson of Finest Feet Foot Care. There was just enough time for Chris and I to display some of the memories we had captured of the happy couple and for Maria to wrap up the whole event.

BNIWedding 10BNIWedding 11

It was an absolute blast to be part of an amazing event and spend time with an incredible group of people all working towards the same goal, promote thiers and each other businesses and build the Villiers Chapter too. With 5 new applications pending BNI Villiers is on its way to having 38 members in the next couple of weeks and that’s down to the hard work not only of the Power Team but all of the members of the chapter, its certainly a different place then where we were 14 months ago, well done all onwards and upwards.

BNIWedding 2BNIWedding 7BNIWedding 4BNIWedding 5BNIWedding 8BNIWedding 3BNIWedding 6BNIWedding 9

If you would like to come along and see what BNI and Villiers are all about drop me an email to info@benfonesphotography.com or visit the BNI Black Country website and find a chapter near to you.

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