Kelly & Chris – There areFestival Themed weddings, then there are weddings that are a festival! – Eccofields Festival, Cleverly Farm

Kelly & Chris Blog 26

One Tuesday afternoon the office phone rings and i answer, the conversation that follows went a little bit like this:

Me: Hello Ben Fones Photography

Kelly: Hi Ben, my names is Kelly. I found your card in my Fiancés wallet, I’m not sure if you remember us but about 3 years ago we got talking in Blast Off and you gave us your card and told us to ring you when we were getting married.

Me: (a little embarrassed and now worried) Oh…. err…. right was i with my wife?

Kelly: no you were with a bald bloke, you were pretty drunk, but so were we.

Me: (realising I was with my best mate Matt on one of our 6 monthly meet ups) ahhh right that explains it, well what can i do for you?

Kelly: Well were getting married and wanted to talk to you about our wedding.

This was the start of one of the best wedding enquires and weddings I’ve ever been apart of.

When they came over to see me to talk about there wedding i knew not only were we going to get on like mad but their wedding was going to be out of this world and right up my street. Kelly & Chris explained to me that they had hired a field at Claverly Farm just outside Wolverhampton and were planning the most awesome festival wedding. They didn’t want it to be just a festival theme in a stately home and the two not meeting and wanted somewhere their friends and family could relax and enjoy themselves. The couple had met at a festival some years earlier and this was perfect for them, and so the soon to be Mr & Mrs Ecclestone dreamed up the idea of EccoFields.

The day itself was incredible there was festival games, rounders, faceprinting, DJ sets and camper vans. This was by far the boozes, liveliest and most epic wedding I’ve ever been a part of and all because of a drunken night a few years earlier in Blast Off. This is my kind of wedding and how a festival wedding should be done, i just hope Eccofcields turns into and annual event I’m totally there for 2016!!

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