Becky & Rich -A Vintage Marque Wedding

bECK & rICH bLOG 11

I first met Becky in 1995 where we both attended Codsall High School and over the years we spent a lot of time together through being a part of the same circle of friends, its fair to say Bec isn’t very girly so imagine my surprise when I got a message saying “Ben, I’m getting married…. and I’m wearing a dress and everything. I need your help! You know i don’t do girly things!” my response was something along the line of “don’t worry Bec i can be camp enough for both of us :-D”

So Bec & Rich came over to the studio and talked me through their ideas for their big day and it sounded incredible. Making use of Bec’s parents unbelievable back garden at their beautiful Cottage on the out skirts of Codsall Wood near Wolverhampton, they planned to have a Vintage Style Marquee Wedding.

Bec was superb on the morning completely stress free and totally relaxed and only shed a tear when she was surprised by a visit from her horse Pete before she left for Church. The same relaxed face was not what I found when I went to St Nichols church in Codsall to meet Rich and the boys, its fair to say that Rich was carrying the nerves for both of them.

He had nothing to worry about though, the ceremony and gloriously sunny afternoon went off without a hitch. Most of the images were shot on the way back to the cottage making use of the beautiful Farmers fields a stones throw from Pendrell Hall before showing off all the great efforts the two families had gone too back in the Marquee.

bECK & rICH bLOG 1bECK & rICH bLOG 2bECK & rICH bLOG 3bECK & rICH bLOG 4bECK & rICH bLOG 5bECK & rICH bLOG 6bECK & rICH bLOG 7bECK & rICH bLOG 8bECK & rICH bLOG 9bECK & rICH bLOG 10bECK & rICH bLOG 11bECK & rICH bLOG 14bECK & rICH bLOG 12bECK & rICH bLOG 13bECK & rICH bLOG 15bECK & rICH bLOG 17bECK & rICH bLOG 16bECK & rICH bLOG 18

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