A Pre Wedding Season Break – Woolacombe Bay One of Our Favourite Places on Earth

Woolacombe July 15 5

In the life of a wedding photographer the week the kids break up from school mean a couple of things, one I’m going to have to lock the office door for 7 weeks to get some editing done and two silly season is about to land. So with that in mind Lauren and I decided to jump in the car with the kids and head to one of our favorite places on earth Woolacombe Bay. We have been going to Woolie for a few years now and try to go two or three times a year the kids love it especially the kids discos and obviously Billy and Betty. The one thing I’ve always been guilty of is probably not taking enough photos whilst away, so this year I invested in a little SJ4000 water proof go pro style camera and our little weekend break proved to give some pretty awesome photo ops, and if you’ve never been check out Woolie Bay, you wont regret it.


Woolacombe July 15 1 Woolacombe July 15 2 Woolacombe July 15 3 Woolacombe July 15 4 Woolacombe July 15 5

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