Four Season in One Day, One Week Before Christmas – Alison & Tom, Pendrell Hall wedding photography

Ali & Tom Blog 18

One week before Christmas 2014 Alison & Tom tied the knot and the stunning Pendrell Hall, Codsall Wood in a beautiful Civil Ceremony. The day was packed full of surprises including a snow machine organised by Toms Mom and an incredible Flash Mob by the bridal party which left the guests and bride and groom gobsmacked. When you get married 6 days before Christmas you don’t expect to spend much time outside but the weather was truly stunning for most of the day, rain storms covered the surrounding Codsall, and Perton Villages but Pendrell Hall remained dry. The massive bonus being that we benefited from the fantastic rainbow that emerged later on in the afternoon creating a spectacular backdrop for some bride and groom shots. This wedding was truly awesome and Ali and Tom took everything in their stride including me dragging them out for an epic stars and night sky shot just after the speeches.

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