BNI Big Breakfast – £1.8 MILLION in 12 months!!! – 11th September 2014


I have been a member of BNI (Business Network International) for a little over 3 years, and I love it (at times), hate it (at times), but most importantly we get a shed load of business out of it!

What is BNI? every member will have heard this question 2 or 3 million times since they became a member and how do you describe it? There are the usual ways its a breakfast meeting, its a business network etc etc. Well for me BNI is all this and so much more. as the saying goes BNI works for every business but not every person! Well it works for me and my business. The BNI philosophy of “Givers Gain” is something that I have carried through to everyday life, if your a BNI Member or not and honestly it works for me!

So whats this post all about well today Thursday 11th September 2014 Sarah Bishop the Managing area Director of BNI black Country organised a BNI Meeting with a difference. Every member from our region was invited which meant that well over 80 business were in one room all with the goal of getting more business. In the last twelve months these businesses have passed over 1.8MILLION pounds worth of business to each other and last month as a region we did over £120,000, incredible right!!

Today was amazing with a superb 10 minute presentation from Craig Petty the comedy illusion act of FOREVER, Slightly Unusual (yeah its a cheap plug but these guys are amazing…. seriously check them out!!) and i just had to share some pics from what was an amazing event all round.

So finally (here is the sales pitch haha) if your interested in finding out more about BNI send me an email on or check out for a chapter that has your trade available and come along and check us out I promise we are NOT a cult and we don’t have a weird handshake…. just the tattoo and the shaved eyebrows but thats normal… right?! ;-D

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