Danielle & Michael – Rain isn’t always a bad thing! – The Park House Hotel, Shifnal

Danielle & Michael - this is how you photograph a wet wedding - The Park House Hotel, Shifnal

Following on with the family theme from my last blog I photographed Micheal’s brother Phill and his lovely wife Stephs wedding a few years ago at the same venue and it wasn’t long after their album was delivered that mike and Dani got in touch about their own big day. Its fair to say this was probably the wettest wedding i have ever photographed but we had a great deal of fun with it!

So those who have ever sat down and had a wedding chat with me and have raised the question what do we do if it rains have probably heard me say “don’t worry it very rarely rains all day, at some point you usually get a  break”. This statement for the most part is true and Dani & Mikes wedding was certainly the exception to the rule. I arrived at the Park House Hotel in Shifnal on what was quite a nice spring morning, but the sunshine didnt last at about 10.30 the sky grayed over and it began to rain and it didn’t stop (AT ALL) until the following morning. But Mike, Dani and I were not about to let this stop us have a superb day and creating some stunning wedding photographs. The family as usual were on great form and didn’t let the rain dampen the party in anyway.

Before first dance i ask Dani & Mike if they would mind just coming and taking a few extra shots so i could try out  a few new things I had been working on, and they jumped at it, so off we went. This was one of my first real experiments with a lot of off camera flash and the rain for the first time ever actually helped to enhance the shots we took. Thanks to Dani & Mike being so patient and not worrying about getting a little bit wet meant that we ended up with some of the most stunning rainy day wedding photographs i have ever taken. Thank for letting me be a part of the big day guys and I hop ei get the next family wedding but this time can we make it in Italy haha.

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