Joely & Tom Attwater – What a venue! what a couple! what a wedding! – Dunchurch Park, Rugby!

Joely & Tom Attwater - What a venue! what a couple! what a wedding! - Dunchurch Park, Rugby!

The wedding of Joely & Tom Attwater on Saturday 6th April 2014 at the incredible wedding photographers dream that is Dunchurch Park near Rugby. I first met Tom & Joely last July when Tom was the best man at his brother Jack’s wedding which I had the pleasure to be a part of. Tom along with Jack and their sister Amy were the life and sole of the party and when Tom told me his track record as a best man I knew I was in for a great day.

One afternoon back in January I was looking through Facebook when I saw a newspaper article that had been shared by one of my friends  with a very familiar face. The article told an incredible story of a little girl called Kelli Smith and her amazing Dad who was trying to raise money for a life saving operation for his daughter. It wasn’t until I saw the dad’s surname Attwater that I realised who it was. After I finished the article which mentioned that Tom & Joely planned to get married in April and pulled myself together I immediately emailed Jack offering to help Tom, Joely & Kelli in anyway that I could. Anybody who knows me knows there is NO way I’m jumping out of a plane or running marathon but i can help with what I am good at and thats taking pictures and thankfully Tom & Joely excepted my offer and before we knew it the big day was upon us. I arrived at Dunchurch Park about an hour before the ceremony and found Tom and the rest of his grooms and immediately starting taking some pictures with the men who were in great spirits. Before too long Joely and the girls started to arrive and headed into see the registrars, Kelli & Joely looked stunning and their wasn’t a dry eye (including mine) as Tom met Kelli at the back of the room and walked his Daughter down the aisle. The rest of the day was amazing we managed to avoid any rain and the whole family had a fantastic time. The celebration went on long in to the evening and night and even Kelli was still partying away when we left a little before 9pm. Not only was it a great day to be a part of but it was a true honour to be able to capture this day for the Attwater family, the name changing ceremony which made Kelli an official Attwater (think she had been one unofficially for a long time) was beautiful and being able to help these amazing people in one of the ways I knew I could made me feel incredible. If you would like to make a donation or learn more about the Kelli Smith appeal please click the following link and read about this amazing family and how you can help.

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