Bethan & Casey – 26th January 2013 – Forest of Arden Hotel. “A marriage made in America – a great week to be a Raven”

 Bethan & Casey – 26th January 2013 – Forest of Arden Hotel. “A marriage made in America – a great week to be a Raven”

“A marriage made in America – a great week to be a Raven”
Bethan & Casey – 26th January 2013 – Forest of Arden Hotel

The week of 21st January 2013 started with Britain receiving one of its biggest snow falls in decades and when I sat down and had my final chat with Bethan & Casey there was genuine concern that the friends and family travelling from across the pond for their big day wouldn’t be able to make it, but as with everything else this fairly laid back couple just took it all in their stride and said whatever will be will be. A few years previous to this final wedding chat Bethan and Casey had first started their relationship whilst Bethan was visiting the states on an extended summer break. The relationship blossomed via the strides in modern technology and Skype calls became a regular occurrence. Fast-forward a few years and that brings us to a snow-covered Birmingham and the genuine possibility that half of the wedding party may not be coming. Well as luck would have it the days following saw most of the snow begin to thaw and the various flights carrying Casey’s friends and family from all over the east coast of the USA were able to land in the UK. So on the morning of 26th January Bethan, Casey and their guests from all over the world gathered at the Forest of Arden Hotel, for a magnificent blessing and wedding reception. The actual marriage ceremony would take place several weeks later once the couple had settled state side and Bethan’s Visa had been approved but everyone treated this very much as their big day. A beautiful ceremony was conducted by one of Casey’s oldest friends Marcus and incorporated some splendid traditions from both cultures including a stunning carved wooden box in which both Casey & Bethan placed letters to each other and a special bottle of wine to be opened on their first anniversary. The couple and their guests were a joy to photograph and the bridal party themselves along with the new Mr & Mrs O’Brien were more than happy to brave the cold British weather to help me create some of the most beautiful wedding photographs. Later in the day Bethan’s father, Casey and his best man and brother Shane delivered three fantastic speeches. The happiest day in Caseys’ life managed to spread to the following week when his beloved Baltimore Ravens went on to finish their undefeated season with a huge Super bowl win against the 49ers the following Sunday. I think its fair to say that not only was this an amazing day and a joy to be a part of but every Brit in the room went away as a life long fan of the Baltimore Ravens. Thanks guys for letting me be a part of your big day and I hope your new lives stateside are everything you hoped and dreamed of…. And one last thing GO RAVENS!

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