Hayley & David Kelly – 8th May 2010 – The Mount Hotel, Tettenhall

Hayley & David Kelly – 8th May 2010 – The Mount Hotel, Tettenhall

When I first set up Ben Fones Photography one of the first wedding clients to book my services were Hayley & David or as everyone knows them Hayl & Dave. As very close friends of my sister in law and her partner it meant that the pressure was on to deliver, but they both loved the work and booked despite knowing for quite a while ha-ha. The day started out very grey and overcast and when I arrived at The Mount Hotel, on Mount Road, Tettenhall, Hayley and bridesmaid Jordan were just having their hair and makeup finished off in an absolutely stunning suite in the main building at the beautiful Wolverhampton hotel. Hayley’s mom and sister arrived shortly after and we began to get Hayley into her dress and it’s fair to say she looked remarkable. Time soon ticked on whilst we took some incredible bridal portraits as well as shots with the bridesmaids and Hayley’s mom, and before we knew it the registrar was waiting to see Hayley, so I left the room and went down to meet Dave. Upon arriving in the reception of the Mount I found Dave, best man Matt and all of Dave’s brothers (one of which had been up all night with his wife giving birth at New cross Hospital and although he was a little jaded he still managed to get there on time). It’s fair to say Dave was a nervous wreck and I reassured him that he had nothing to worry about because Hayley was looking truly stunning, and after a few shots with the boys the nerves soon changed into excitement. The civil ceremony was held in the Great Hall at The Mount Hotel and everyone had a tear in their eye as Hayley was accompanied down the aisle by her very ill but very proud father Bernard, who sadly passed away just a few weeks after the wedding. Before they knew it the happy couple were in the orangery sipping champagne where they were accompanied by the 37 friends and family in attendance.

Due to the rain the formal groups and bride and groom portraits were shot inside the hotel but it certainly didn’t dampen everyone’s spirits as we had a fantastic time all afternoon. The wedding breakfast took place in the unbelievable setting of the Great Hall at The Mount Hotel and following some outstanding speeches from Dave and Matt I disappeared home to get changed before the evening began, to which my wife Lauren and I along with our son Finely were invited to as guests (although I did find I hard to put the camera down). When we returned to the Mount Hotel the rain had stopped so we used our time well and before the rest of the evening guests arrived, Hayley, Dave and I disappeared into the gardens to shoot some striking bride and groom shots. The evening do was brilliant and everyone seemed to have a great time, especially Mat and Dave who were throwing some outrageous shapes on the dance floor long into the night… although my head was a little sore on Sunday morning.

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